Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lots Of Mileage With 2 Spanish Words

I'm back to taking Spanish lessons 3 times a week and I try to use as much Spanish on my walks into El Centro. I was exiting the Farmacia at Mt. Sinai Hospital. An adorable 2 year old was blocking my path. I probably would have knocked her down if I opened the door. Her father saw this and quickly swooped her up in his arms. I said "Tu hija es muy hermosa"(your daugher is very beautiful). His face lit up and he immediately said "Muchas gracias".

The next encounter was on the bus and two young boys were having a friendly argument about who had the best backpack. When one of them got off the bus I told the other one that his backpack was "muy chevere" which translates to "very cool".  I was greeted with a surprised smile. My goal is everyday to start a conversation in Spanish with someone I don't know.

Below is an Animoto video of my walk today.


  1. Wonderful video, Lenny. Gorgeous photos, too!

    Thank you again for your visit last week. Our TV is now working again! Paul is looking forward to your next bus trip!