Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clases de natación

I just finished my second swim lesson.  I'm taking swim lessons from Emilie, a superb Instructor from Canada.  She is helping me with my conditioning and mobility.  Since my total hip replacement my doctor ordered me to do less walking and more swimming.

The lessons with Emilie are one to one in the Cuenca Olympic Pool.  The lessons are very reasonable and the pool is practically empty at 10:00 am.  I have a lane to myself. Today we were working on strengthening my flutter kick.  Admission to the Pool is $1.50 and you can buy a month's pass at a substantial discount.

I am still finding muscles that I haven't used in years but today I felt great and probably could have walked home.  Oops almost forgot there is a third pool where the water temp is 105 degrees F.  A soak in that felt really great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

El hogar es donde está el corazón

"Welcome Home Guys".  That was what the handsome young man at the Miami Airport Customs said to Sharon and I as we handed him our passports.  I thanked him and thought for a moment.  I was real eager to see my son his new wife, my two step kids their spouses the 3 grandchildren and friends in Oregon but my home was now Cuenca, Ecuador.  

I was born and lived for 45 years in New York City.  I moved to Oregon and lived there for 21 years. Oregon felt like home after a short time and now Cuenca feels like home.  ¿Por qué  It may be a cliche or corny but home is where the heart is.  My heart is in Cuenca.

Sharon and I had a wonderful trip. I got to buy my new MacBook Air and Sharon got to bring back all her fabric for her quilting projects.  We visited with friends and family and met Connie, Robb's new wife. 

We  flew on 12 planes traveled two continents, 3 countries, 4 states and 3 cities.  I got to overdose on Pad Thai and Peets' Caramel Lattes.  It's back to Español,  pitahaya and maracuya.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Faces Of San Diego

Sharon and I had a great time visiting our grandchildren and their parents in San Diego.  It was my first time seeing Kathy and Tyler's new house.  It was an event filled 4 days.  Soccer games, Cupcake Drive, Open House at the school and eating great Asian cuisines.