Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look What $20 Buys You At The Market

Sharon and I have been in Cuenca almost 8 months. There are times we really miss the car but I have been shopping 3-4 times a week and I always get fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. Part of the fun is also walking and traveling on the bus.

My first stop today was Coopera ( The Food Co-op) I purchased the following

1 pound of camarones (shrimp)
1 box of Lemon Cedron Tea
2 purple cebollas (onions)
8 limons ( limes)
3 pepinillo (cucumbers)
2 pimientos rojos (red pepper)
1 pound of Col brusse (brussel sprouts)
2 heads of brocolli
2 pitajaya
1/2 pound or garlic cloves
3 large pieces of ginger
1 small head of Napa Cabbage

I hopped another bus and traveled to 10 de Agosto Mercado

Katerina is my favorite fruit lady.
2 large Papayas
1 lb of Bing cherries
1 lb of strawberries
4 Avocados
10 Tangerines
5 pounds of bananas
1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of potatoes

Total cost $20.62-

Me gusta mucho Cuenca