Saturday, October 22, 2011

Un dia hermosa en el barrio

Un dia hermosa en el barrioThe title of this post translates to "A beautiful day in the neighborhood". The weather has been just fantastic in Cuenca the last couple of days.  Sunny, and in the high 70's around 3:00 pm and very low humidity. We had breakfast with our good friends Dean and Bill at Banana's Restaurant right near the Caroline Book Store. The country breakfast ( huevos, papas, tocina y cafe) was outstanding. We walked to the 10th of August Mercado and purchased strawberries, limes, and potatoes.

Later that day I walked into El Centro and exchanged a Blu-Ray Disc that had no subtitles. Hopefully in year I'll be ready to see a movie entirely in Spanish but I'm not ready now.


  1. Un dia hermosa en el barrio

  2. Yup! My husband and I are learning Spanish right now, and I like that it an object can be feminine and masculine, just like it is in French :-)

    La tarde
    El dia
    La noche
    Una cerveza fria
    Un sandwich frio