Monday, July 11, 2011

más o menos

Friday night Sharon and I entertained three Cuencana friends and for the first time more Spanish was spoken in our apartment than English.  We learned the Spanish version of  "Hearts" and we really enjoyed the interaction with our new friends.

Saturday I went to new markets with Gerard, a fantastic expat who has lived in Ecuador since 1994. We arrived at the organic market at 6:30 am and picked the very freshest Swiss Chard, red potatoes, and a superb papaya.

We then traveled to Fieria Libre, a gigantic market that is about 10 times larger than a Costco in the States.. I purchased, oranges, tangerines, pineapple, sea bass, shrimp and sweet potatoes. My favorite experience was watching one Cuencano stopped an entrepreneur walking two goats and buying a glass of fresh goat milk right from the goat.

On Sunday Sharon and I went for a walk in El Centro and had a great coconut ice cream cone. Videos of all the events are below.