Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me Gusta Pitahaya

One of the benefits of moving to Cuenca is being able to reasonably purchase and consume large quantities of tropical fruit. In the next couple of posts I'll talk about my favorite varietals and how I prepare them for juicing and eating.

Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit)  is hands down my favorite. I purchase them from Coopera, the local food cooperative. The price of the fruit varies. Today I purchased 5 large Pitahayas for $3.00.  They are usually about $4.90 a kg (2.2 lbs).  If I'm real lucky I can find them on sale at 10 for $1 at the Coopera.  You have to consume them within 2 days or freeze the pulp.  You can find more on the health effects of pitahaya here 

This morning I sliced two large pitahayas and scooped out the flesh into the blender. Next I added the juice of two oranges and the flesh of 1/2 cherimoya, 1/2 strawberry papaya, 4 oz of Pina Coco Yogurt, 4 ice cubes and 1 tps of sugar.  Blend for about 30 seconds and you have 16 oz of nirvana.

Bonus: Short video of a walk near the New Cathedral.

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