Friday, July 1, 2011

This And That In Cuenca

The animoto video below contains some pictures on my walk to Mall Del Rio to recharge my phone. I estimate that it costs me about $7 per month. I mainly use the cell phone to call a taxi and to communicate with my wife and call a few friends.  You can recharge your phone at the cell company or at hundreds of tiendas located throughout the city of Cuenca.

On a separate matter, my wife Sharon has started her own blog.  She is an accomplished writer and you can find her blog at . Cuenca Chronicles


  1. This is puzzling. Charge your cell phone? Are AC converters or attachments impossible to get for use in your home? You have electricity don't you? Can you explain this a little more?

  2. Lo Siento Seabix. I mixed up charging with recharge or the spanish term "recarqa" (to buy minutes).

    You can buy monthly plans or you can choose to recharge(add minutes) your phone. There are tiendas (local stores) all over town that you can add minutes(recharge). For $12 a month I can add minutes to both our phones to last a month. No, the minutes don't roll over but you don't get charged for incoming calls as you do in the US.