Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corpus Christi Festival, Buying Furniture, MagicJack Down

Yesterday Sharon and I ate breakfast at "The Kook" and walked to the New Cathedral to see some of the Food Vendors for the Corpus Christi Festival which runs for over a week. We are far enough from El Centro to avoid hearing the nightly fireworks.

We walked to TuKasa a fantastic furniture store to buy a desk and chair for my office.  My Spanish and the owners English were on the same level. Price negotiations were fun with colorful charades mixed in.  We quickly arrived at a mutually acceptable price and delivery was immediate with a ride back home in the owner's pickup and a kiss on the cheek (Ecuadorian custom) from the owner's wife.  Great furniture, good prices and instant delivery --- Fantastico

I highly recommend Skype and MagicJack to every one retiring to a foreign country . Skype allows video calls and MagicJack provides free phone calls to the US with a local # for $40 the first year and $20 every year after.  Today my MagicJack has no sound on outgoing calls. Customer support via text chat proved useless.  We feel a tad isolated now without a direct dial to the US.  My guess is that I'll find the solution in a couple of days on some support bulletin board online.

Mas tarde.

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