Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Month In Cuenca

One month ago Sharon, Feisty ( our 16 year old cat) and I arrived from Oregon. Two weeks ago we moved to our permanent apartment on PriMaro de Mayo and everyone is thriving. Feisty has gained a pound and both Sharon and I have lost a couple of pounds.

We have met some wonderful new Cuencano friends and several expats. We took a day trip to Paute and had a typical Ecuadorian Almuerzo.  Both Sharon and I have started Spanish lessons and joined Coopera,  the local food cooperative.  Skype and magic jack are working in our new apartment and we have been able to communicate with Portland, Or. Caldwell, Id and San Diego, Ca.

I walk everyday to El Centro (Old Town) which is about a 4 mile round trip. Everyday I try to practice my Spanish on the local merchants. Marcello, the local baker and I have expanded our conversation to the local politics and the traffic patterns on our street.

I'm enjoying taking my Kodak camcorder with me and I'm never in short supply of great material.  Today's video is of a local street entertainer. He juggles bowling pins and his hat while he is on his extra tall unicyle.  That's the easy part. He then has to dodge buses and taxi drivers.

So far we have been adapting to the new culture in Cuenca. The local people are very warm an inviting, the weather has been fantastic and the new diet especially the delicious local fruit and vegetables has made this a great first month. 

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