Friday, December 2, 2011

Vacas Y El Rio

Walking is one of my favorite activities in Cuenca. A bonus to walking is taking pictures and anticipating finding my favorite herd of Cows. The herd consists of 7 cows and I've named one Violetta.
She has a half moon on the top of her back so she is easy to identify.

Yesterday, I walked to ETAPA, the city owned utility company to change my Internet service. The Internet Service that we use in the building is like the "Little Girl With The Curl". We shared 1 meg with 10 people. When one or two were on the service was passable. When 3 or more were on Skype was unusable. So it was off to ETAPA to change service providers. I did the whole transaction in Spanish. I was a little nervous signing the contract but I'm pretty sure I signed up for 2mg for $51.00 a month.


  1. Len. Might want to reconsider Violetta's name. In your photo, she/he appears to be a bull, not a cow.

  2. Nice cow...but sure does look like a bull in top pic. Perhaps it's just an illusion.

    Mark A. Raborn

  3. Thanks Mark and Rick. Just when you think no one is reading your blog it takes a little bull to prove you're wrong. Indeed your observations are correct.

    Violetta is now below the bull. I might have to name him. Any suggestions?