Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Wednesday Walk To El Centro

I try to walk everyday to the center of town. Today I take my camcorder with me. I start 20 meters from our apartment on the Yanuncay River. On the walk I cross two rivers (Yanuncay and Tomebamba) and pass Mt. Sinai Hospital. At the second rondelle there is a young man selling puppies. I also point out some of the cracks and holes in the pavement.

I come across what appears to be a mime but I think he is working for the local environmental agency. I encounter steep steps going up from Solano and down to Doce de Abril.

Cuenca is a city of churches and the video will show two of the over 100 Catholic Churches in the city. I walk a total of 5 miles and stop off at the local supermarket to pick up some peppers and cat food. The biggest supermarket chain is called Super Maxi and Wednesday there is a 20% discount on fruits and vegetables.

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